Printed Fridge Magnets

About Us & Why We Love Printed Fridge Magnets 

We love printed fridge magnets! We've been supplying printed fridge magnets since 2002 and as you can see from our product range, we can literally do anything.  Any shape you have in mind, any logo, picture, branding... just tell us what you need.   We can help with ideas, sizing, anything you're not sure of, just ask.  We're always happy to discuss your fridge magnet requirements and we will work together to make your customised magnets perfect.

All our printed magnets are completely customisable and printed in full colour.  The only restriction is our collective imagination. 

Printed fridge magnets are one of the best promotional products in existence. Printed & branded fridge magnets have a really long promotional lifespan.  Much longer than most promotional products in our opinion!

Find out more about why you should buy some printed fridge magnets and also see some of the magnets we've produced - 'Brilliant Fridge Magnets' in our Blog...

Magnetic Business Cards 

Magnetic business cards can be given to every customer, at every job you do.  Your printed fridge magnet will be advertising your business all day long, every day of the year as it sits on their fridge in the busiest room in the house.  You might think we're exaggerating, but seriously do you know anyone who wouldn't keep a printed fridge magnet - especially if it looked great?   You know when you receive a magnet you stick it on your fridge.   There's always a letter, notice, reminder sitting on the side that needs sticking on the fridge for a few days....  Honestly, printed fridge magnets are just too handy to throw away.   Printed magnetic business cards are suitable for all local service providers and small businesses.  If you want your customers to remember you next time, make sure you give them a printed magnetic business card before you leave.  

Save-the-date Magnets 

Promoting a campaign or upcoming event?  Save-the-date fridge magnets are perfect for promoting your event and reminding people about you afterwards!  Event promotion magnets & campaign awareness magnets are ideal for businesses and charities.  Charity magnets are brilliant because they are really effective and also because they're cheap.  Price is important, and is a huge consideration for any printed promotional product, but especially when the money is coming from donations to your cause. 

Business Promotional Magnets 

What is the key to successful giveaway business promotion? Well, price is crucial and printed magnets definitely satisfy this one!   Think of your printed magnets as an extension of your existing advertising material such as your business cards, leaflets, local advertising, your website, Facebook page etc...  If you hand out printed magnets you're maintaining a tangible connection to your business.  Business promotion works best with an array of different materials and mediums.  Printed magnets are an ideal part of this mix.

At We Print Fridge Magnets we love working with our customers and we enjoy providing great customer service, always. We pride ourselves on being honest, helpful, available, reliable and friendly. We enjoy helping our customers with logos, ideas and concepts, and ensuring all our customers achieve what they had in mind (and more) with their printed magnets. 

Free Artwork & Design Service

We provide a free artwork and design service, and are always happy to give good, honest feedback. We have been supplying printed magnets for years, but this might be your first time ordering branded items or making your logo work for print.  We understand this can feel daunting at first, but don't worry because we're here to help you every step of the way. 

We provide free fridge magnet samples upon request, so you can see exactly why we love printed fridge magnets so much! As well as free magnet samples, we always provide free virtual proofs so you can see exactly how your finished printed fridge magnets will look. 

We are a family business and are proud of our strong, ethical approach. We care deeply about our customers, our products and the service we provide.

Who Buys Printed Advertising Fridge Magnets? 


Local Service Providers 

Schools, Colleges, Universities

NHS Trusts

Web Based Businesses

Police Forces across the UK

Emergency Services Nationwide

Local Authorities

Sports & Health clubs

Heating Engineers & Plumbers




Businesses - all sizes 



Haulage & Logistics

Fuel Suppliers 

** Please contact us with any questions – our design service is free of charge and there is never any obligation to purchase.