Printed Magnets - Beautifully Customised Square Printed Magnets

Wednesday, 1 February 2017  |  Admin

Check out this gorgeous printed magnet - this clever design gives these handy little giveaways a real premium feel.  These simple printed magnets say so much in such a small space, and give the customer a real feel for the kind of business that this is.  This is business logo design at it's best and shows just how versatile printed magnets are.  Printed magnets are a blank canvas for your design.  You can have any colour, any shape, any design you choose.

If you have a few ideas, but aren't totally sure how it will work, then please get in touch.  Send us your ideas, pictures, inspiration and we'll do the rest. If you want to talk through your printed magnet ideas, please do pick up the phone. We're always here tohelp.

At We Print Fridge Magnets, we can advise you on size, shape and the overall design of your printed magnets.  We can also help to match your magnet with existing logos and printed material, and can advise on the best colour choices for printing.  Custom printed magnets are our business and we just love them.  Once you get yours, we know you'll feel the same.  Just look at this beauty....