Printed Fridge Magnets - Why They Are So Brilliant

Thursday, 1 September 2016  |  Admin

Printed fridge magnets are low cost, small, lightweight products, making them very easy and simple to distribute. Printed magnets also benefit from being useful in the home, which makes them one of the best promotional products to choose. Research has found that the usefulness of promotional printed products is a key determinant of their retention. Put simply, the more useful a product is, the more likely it is to be retained for future use!

It may sound obvious, but customised fridge magnets are usually placed on fridges. This is of huge importance when considering your printed product choice. We use our fridges many times each day, and this repeated exposure really is phenomenal when compare with other forms of advertising. Being placed on a fridge means that your printed, customised magnet (with your logo and details) will be on full view in your customers' kitchens. As well as being in the busiest room in the house, research estimates that in a typical family house the fridge door is opened between 25-50 times per day (based on a family of 4).

Therefore the potential exposure of your brand on your customised fridge magnet is between 9125 and 18250 times annually! The power of these little promotional magnets should never be underestimated as it is hard to imagine any other form of advertising generating this level of views.

In addition, printed fridge magnets are able to outperform many of the better known promotional products, simply because they are small, handy, unobtrusive, and easily assimilated into peoples' homes without causing a big fuss! Consider the years of exposure that these tiny little promotional magnets could give you and it is easy to see just how powerful these could be for the growth of your business.  

Businesses that use printed business card fridge magnets are often service based, and by providing each customer with a customised magnet they are helping to ensure they have loyal customers in the years to come. In addition, any visitors to these homes are also potentially exposed to the advertising, with the business card magnets magnets providing an easy method of introduction and recommendation.  Many of our customers are self-employed tradesmen, and they love our van shaped magnets.  Printed van magnets work really well in for these kinds of businesses because they are printed in full colour, so we can match them to your actual van, plus we have lots of different van shapes and styles to choose from. 

If you are considering using customised magnets for promoting awareness of a campaign, such as a health initiative or a new service, then again these printed magnets are little gems. Small, but incredibly effective and with a small initial cost, they make the perfect start to any promotional plan. Printed magnets are idea giveaways for charities too.  Charity fridge magnets are one of the best ways to promote your campaign or event - particularly because they are so cheap so more of the money raised can be spent where it is most needed. 

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