Printed Fridge Magnets - Our Happy Customers

Saturday, 1 October 2016  |  Admin
People just can't help looking at fridge magnets! The picture below shows just a few of the printed fridge magnets we've recently produced. As you can see, fridge magnets come in all shapes and sizes, and are an easy way to grab attention.

Printed fridge magnets are one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to raise awareness of your business,  and they work especially well on a local basis.  Many of our customers are local tradespeople & small businesses, as well as larger charities that use magnets in their national campaigns.  Fridge magnets are easy to distribute in person and by mail, making them one of the most popular promotional products around.

Here at We Print Fridge Magnets we love hearing from our customers, especially when they've just received their new magnets.  They often tell us how well received the magnets are, and how quickly they run out because they are just so popular!  Everyone loves fridge magnets and they are lovely little token gifts for customers to receive.  By giving your customers a printed fridge magnet, you know they'll remember you next time!

Big, big thanks to our lovely customers for allowing us to use their new fridge magnets in this post....

Sama 82 - Falklands Veterans. The South Atlantic Medal Association 1982.

Tamba - Twins & Multiple Births Association

R. Mears & Sons - Sweep Cornwall - Solid Fuel Stove & Maintenance

Northumbria University

Southdown Podiatry Clinic Ltd.

The House of Ferdinand Pieroth

L.J. Fairburn & Son Limited -

Life's Little Recipes

Linqed Electrical Services