Van Shaped Printed Magnets

Wednesday, 21 February 2018  |  Admin

Our printed van shaped magnets are one of our most popular bespoke magnets.  With customers ranging from plumbers, to electricians and all kinds of service providers, we are proud to of what the humble printed magnet can achieve.  We've found that our customers come back again and again to replenish their stocks of branded, customised magnets.  They are simple products that are functional and helpful when customers need to locate a local trades person or service provider.  We can't always rely on our memory or even our address book - who has the time to fill that out?  But a printed magnet, stuck on the fridge/freezer or even the side of the microwave enables us to find that crucial person when we most need them.  If you are thinking of trying printed fridge magnets rather than the usual business card, honestly you won't regret it.  You'll just wonder why you didn't do it sooner.  As well as van shaped magnets we have almost every shape custom magnets imaginable. If you can't find what you fancy, give us a call!  Order your printed magnets today and you'll be handing them out to your customers within 7 working days.  Free delivery and free advice and artwork provided as standard by We Print Fridge Magnets.