Heart Shape Custom Fridge Magnets

Thursday, 19 April 2018  |  Admin

We produced these heart shaped custom fridge magnets for the Mosaic Church in Leeds.  The heart shape is iconic and so eye-catching.  This printed magnet really stands out on a crowded fridge!  If you're thinking of getting some custom fridge magnets printed for a business or upcoming event it's really worth thinking about the magnet shape.  Think of a theme that links to your business name, or the kind of event you're promoting and you'll increase the power of the each impression.

Don't underestimate the effect of the shape and colour of your custom fridge magnets - especially as the seasons change.  Think about how our clothes change throughout the year - sometimes just subtle changes that indicate we're embracing the newness of the warmth as summer approaches, or that we're getting ready to cocoon ourselves for the winter.  Effective advertising campaigns acknowledge these changes and adapt their promotional material accordingly.  

Think about what your customers need at certain times of the year and remind them with your colours, wording, special offers etc... If you can tap into their psyche just a little bit, either with a colour, a mood, or a suggestion, they'll be more likely to remember your business when they need your services next.

Also think about the kind of event that you'll be at when you give out your printed fridge magnets or printed promotional material.  If it's a summer fair, make your personalised magnets bright, colourful and fun.  If you'll be giving them out to  local businesses, make the information on the magnet relevant and helpful.

Printed fridge magnets are a great way for local businesses and charities to raise awareness of their brand and message, and  are particularly effective at a local level in generating awareness and ultimately increasing sales.

Printed fridge magnets are one of the cheapest ways to remind people about your business or upcoming event.  Your custom printed magnets will continue to work hard advertising your business or service all year round.  Research indicates that people visit their fridge 8 times a day - that's a lot!  Not many advertising mediums can claim to make this many impressions everyday and certainly not at this low cost.  

We have a huge range of magnet sizes and shapes for you to choose from, and if you order over 2500 magnets you can have a bespoke shape made just for you.