Personalised Magnets for Taxis

Wednesday, 18 April 2018  |  Admin

This taxi fridge magnet is a great example of a personalised magnet..  These customised magnets work well as business cards - hand these out to all your customers so they never forget your number! 

Personalised magnets for taxi firms are a cheap way to advertise, and get your contact details out in the local community.  Make sure you hand out your custom printed taxi magnets at local events, freshers fairs, local markets etc.. anywhere that your potential customers are to be found!  

Lots of our customers are switching over from traditional business cards to printed magnetic business cards.  Magnetic business cards are ideal for local service based businesses because they ensure customers have the right contact details at their fingertips.  Plumbers, electricians, boiler servicers, suppliers of heating oil - all these kinds of businesses rely on repeat customers in their local area.  Handing out your own personalised magnets at the end of every job means that next time your customer needs you, your name and brand will be right there on the fridge.  It also means that house guests and other family members will repeatedly be exposed to your branding.

If you do any work for local businesses, make sure they have your magnets ready to hand out to staff and traders.  Printed business magnets can help to establish your business as the go-to choice for all the locals, traders and businesses. 

For small businesses, one of the main hurdles is making sure that people are aware of your existence.  You're competing with larger businesses with big advertising budgets and recognisable household names.   By giving out your own printed magnets you can raise awareness of your business and services.  Over time people will start to recognise your logo and you'll begin to benefit from this increased awareness of your business.  Service providers get many customers from word of mouth, and people often ask friends to recommend local trades people.  If they have a magnet to hand on their fridge, we guarantee it's your name and number they'll give out.  

Taxis are a particularly localised business.  If taxis gave every one of their customers a printed magnet, they could massively increase their repeat business.  Don't just take our word for it though.  Try it for yourself and do let us know how your printed magnets help your business.  

Printed fridge magnets are cheap, long lasting and very effective.  Our customers come back for more, so let's make sure yours do too.