Why Every Tradesman Needs Personalised Magnets

Wednesday, 21 March 2018  |  Admin

Why are personalised magnets good for your business? Read on to see why you should be investing in these little gems...Does your business serve the local community?  If you provide trade services locally then you might already advertise online and in local publications.   You probably get a lot of repeat business from existing customers, as long as they can remember your name, or the name of your business.  Or perhaps you gave them a traditional business card with your contact details on it, and possibly a few details of the range of services you can provide.  

Now imagine you gave all your customers a printed fridge magnet after you fixed their washing machine, tumber dryer, gas boiler, or after you installed their new bathroom, kitchen, or circuit board.   What if they put your personalised magnet straight onto their newly installed or fixed appliance, or on their kitchen fridge?  Your personalised magnet, with your branding, service details and your name, would be in full view in the heart of their kitchen.  Next time anything stops working, or they need advice on a new appliance, or installation of a new purchase, who will they ring?  Guaranteed it will be your business that gets the call.

What about when a friend needs a new appliance fitted, or their washing machine mended?  Personal recommendations are one of the best ways to get new business and if your details are on hand within seconds, it's your business that will get that call too.

All businesses need to work hard to get their brand out there, advertise in local papers, perhaps use google ads to raise their online presence etc..  This is a great way to attract new customers and grow your business.   Handing out magnetic business cards is another way to raise awareness of your business and the services you provide.  It also helps to ensure that customers come back to you next time they need your services.  Traditional business cards do have a habit of getting lost in drawers and handbags, and even if they are kept in a wallet for next time, they still have to be retrieved in the time of need.

Printed business card magnets on the other hand are always right there, in full view on the fridge!  Not only are they there when your services are needed again, quickly providing your phone number in an emergency, but they are in view all year round.  Your business name will be remembered, even when there isn't an emergency.  The next time a friend asks, 'do you know any good plumbers or electricians?' your customer will have your details readily available, or even just know your name so they can tell that friend about your business right that second.   Printed fridge magnets are a great way to achieve this level of recognition among your customer base.  Printed business magnets work hard to advertise your business every day of the week, all year round.

As well as providing daily reminders to your customers, they are also really handy, helping to display important letters, photos, etc. on the fridge.  Many businesses give out promotional products, but not many printed products are as handy as printed fridge magnets.

Research shows that customers remember a business that gave them a free gift, and that many are kept for months and years.  Printed fridge magnets have an advantage over most other promotional products because they are very likely to be displayed in full view for months and even years.  Your business will get daily advertising in the local area (all friends, visitors, family will see your magnet), for a very low initial cost.  Printed fridge magnets can cost less than the price of a first class stamp!  But think about what you get for that investment.  

Did you know that people visit their fridge on average 8 times a day?  That is a lot of exposure for your business and brand.  What other promotional or printed advertising medium can give your business that kind of exposure?  There's nothing that can compete with printed fridge magnets, and especially not in this price range.

Printed fridge magnets are one of the simplest, cheapest and most effective ways to advertise your business.  You can customise your printed magnets with your branding, logo and colours, and add your contact details so that your customers can always find you when they need you.

If you provide an emergency call out service to local customers, even more reason to invest in some branded fridge magnets. In an emergency your customers don't want to be trying to remember your name, or going through the yellow pages, or googling local service providers.  What they need in that moment is your telephone number on their fridge.  This is the best way to guarantee your repeat business.  By giving every single one of your customers a printed fridge magnet you're doing them a favour.  You're making their life easier for that time in the future when they suddenly need you!  

Printed fridge magnets are small, and easy to store and distribute, so this makes life easy for you too.  Make sure you always have a few to hand in your toolbox, or in your van.  Perhaps leave a few in local shops, or building merchants.  Every time people see your magnet your business is getting extra exposure.  

Research shows that advertising works best when people are exposed to a brand or message in multiple mediums, over multiple occasions.  Your printed fridge magnets will be an invaluable part of your overall business marketing plan, whilst helping your customers get in touch when they need you most.

All of our printed promotional fridge magnets are manufactured in the UK, using the best quality magnetic material.  We love printing fridge magnets and seeing the vast range of businesses that choose to make printed fridge magnets part of their business.  If you are interested in seeing what promotional magnets can do for your business please get in touch and we can get yours into production today.  We can deliver in 5-7 working days, so within a week or so, you could be giving out your printed business magnets to all your customers!